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The subjects this year come under four main topical heads, as follows: 1. For the face of nature, unlike that of man, presents no fixed features that differ only in detail, but an infinite variety of types between coast and prairie, crag and forest, that makes landscapes in- dividual and supplies a grateful diversity to man's outlook on his physical world. Topography, geology, climate, water or its absence, vegetation — all combine to paint the special picture; even the dwellers in it play their part, for to the observing eye are they not the fore- ground, so to speak, of every characteristic scene?

It is admittedly true that it is better to let those who are interested in the actual work of this many-sided undertaking tell their own story than for us at headquarters to attempt to tell it for them. "The Switzerland of America,'* "Niagara of the West," and similar phrases bring indulgent smiles, from the knowledge that the originals could probably be more accurately distinguished from their supposed counterparts than likened to them.

We believe that, as the years go by, there is no reason why that appreciation should not continue to show itself. First Vice-President Executive Secretary John Barton Payne, Washington, D. The Shenandoah Scenery By HAROLD ALLEN, Washington, D. SCENERY, SO often described in easy terms of comparison, can often better be represented in terms of contrast.

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Padgett, Washington Treasurer Librarian and Editor "Civic Comment " VICE-PRESIDENTS Mrs. Congress has authorized the Secretary of the Interior to accept the Park as soon as sufficient area is acquired.

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