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Patti dating coach

Coaching consists of confidential discussions, exercises and home work assignments.

During coaching you will work to identify your goals, strengths and areas of development.

Communication Dynamics clients include: top executives, sales professionals, regional directors, CPAs, lawyers, financial professionals, engineers, scientists, technical professionals, entrepreneurs, associations, corporations and professional speakers. If you want to discover how coaching can help you reach your goals, contact us today at [email protected] Patti can also travel to you or work with you long distance through phone coaching, email and skype.

Even in one session you can make enormous progress!

Thanks to my presentation skills coaching with you the meeting went great! Your story attention getter techniques works great! I took an informal survey the first time used the story to start rather than the old good morning and they all thought it was great, They remembered it and liked it. -Marlys Nelson RN, COHN-S Allen Occupational Health Patti Wood MA, has given over 1,000 media interviews on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and web news sources.

Patti has a fantastic method for developing the presentation so that the delivery is compelling, interesting and easy.

She also coached me in my delivery techniques to that I felt confident and convincing.

Nancy said “..couldn’t have been better.” -Paula A. The signals are loud and clear when it comes to delivering body talk.

Patti Wood is the consummate communicator - mastering the verbal and non-verbal.

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Zing Patti will be your support, your ally, your personal expert, your guru, your own personal cheerleader, the person you can count on to be looking out for you in your travels through life.