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Palma mallorca dating

Little is recorded of the earliest inhabitants of the island.Burial chambers and traces of habitation from the Neolithic period (6000–4000 BC) have been discovered, particularly the prehistoric settlements called talaiots, or talayots.

The boom in tourism caused Palma to grow significantly.

Later on, with the Caliphate of Córdoba at its height, the Moors improved agriculture with irrigation and developed local industries. Mallorca came under rule by the Taifa of Dénia, and from 1087 to 1114, was an independent Taifa.

During that period, the island was visited by Ibn Hazm.

It flourished under Roman rule, during which time the towns of Pollentia (Alcúdia), and Palmaria (Palma) were founded.

In addition, the northern town of Bocchoris, dating back to pre-Roman times, was a federated city to Rome. In 534, Mallorca was recaptured by the Eastern Roman Empire, led by Apollinarius.

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They were replaced by the Almoravides from North Africa, who ruled until 1176.

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