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Regardless of whether your relationship is headed towards lifelong commitment or not, pacing is super important. You may feel this big connection going on, but the truth is, you can feel a strong connection to the wrong man just as easily as you can feel a connection to the right man.

If you rush through important intimacy stages, the relationship takes a hit — and often ends prematurely. If you really want your new love to turn into a lasting and healthy relationship, it's important that you slow down and pace yourself so that you have firm.

First and foremost, you treat him like he is just another man at this point. A man that is moving too fast is one you really need to observe.

There is a difference in a man in steady pursuit and a man that wants to claim you after the first few dates or weeks. This man that wants to claim you right away is not in observation mode.

You observe to find out who he is, not about who you want him to be.

You thought you saw fireworks, so how do you pace yourself with this man. She lets go and allows the chips to fall where they may.

Scientists have been putting a finger on the chemistry involved in attraction.

Love is blind, so pay attention to pink flags, but don’t run at the first sign of danger.

I see too many women claiming to feel this connection, they get attached and the man just stops calling or texting, yet they continue to hold onto hope.I have jumped into a relationship with a man who claimed me right out the gate to only find myself a year down the road with a needy, clingy man who was just trying to fill a hole in his life.A simple exercise is to just notice your feeling associated to the problem.Once the relationship progresses by getting to know each other slowly, you may add time naturally.Get to know your partner, this can only happen with time and getting to see how one another acts in different circumstances and experiences.

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They are the ones in the group asking questions like how long before he usually contacts you again.

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