Outdoor dating ideas emeeting 9 6 dating script

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Outdoor dating ideas

Go to a baseball game and make it your mission to get on the kiss cam.

Go to the movies and make it a double—or a triple—feature. Get a bird guide for your area and go birdwatching.

Consider making them Pitch ideas to each other for a business you could start.

Spend a couple of hours making plans for the business that wins.

If you’re feeling cocky, try and make the dough from scratch. Find an Airbnb in your town with a pool/hot tub in it. ⁣ ⁣ I can't wait to share with you the details of one of those amazing dates.

Pick up ingredients for the easiest sugar cookie recipe and some cutters, icing and decorations. All the details with some of my favorite pictures we've ever taken are live in today's blog post. #friyay #friday #weekend #readyfortheweekend #instagood #boston #peace #fun #happy #happiness #style #game #arcade #barcade #silly #cute A post shared by ♡ SAVANA PETRUZELLO ♡ (@savanapetruzello) on Get a shitton of coins and go HAM on a barcade for a night.

Buy two copies of a book and take yourselves to a beach or park to read.

Look up the best mansions in your preferred zip code and argue about where you’re going to live once you win the lottery. Each pick a team to root for and get really into it.

Get high octane with it: Whoever spots more bird types gets treated to the dessert of their choice. Make oven s’mores, pull up a video of a campfire and challenge each other to tell scary stories.

Dress extremely formally and have a photo session in a nice park or historic area.

Pick up a craft kit from Michaels and try and make some sand art/friendship bracelets/whatever macramé is together.

Get a small projector and turn your room into a movie theater for the night!

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Go to a bookstore and pick out books for each other to read. Make it a competition: whoever eats less loses and has to pay.