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(February 11, 1936 – September 6, 2018) was an American actor, director and producer.He first rose to prominence starring in television series such as Gunsmoke (1962–1965), Hawk (1966), and Dan August (1970–1971).

According to a contemporary report Reynolds was considered "a double for Marlon Brando".When his father was sent to Europe, the family moved to Lake City, Michigan, where his mother had been raised.In 1946, the family moved to Riviera Beach, Florida."It was the one picture that Howard Keel didn't sing on," reminisced Reynolds later."That was a terrible mistake." Reynolds continued to guest star on shows such as Naked City, Ripcord, Everglades, Route 66, Perry Mason, and The Twilight Zone ("The Bard").


His father eventually became Chief of Police of Riviera Beach, which is adjacent to the north end of West Palm Beach, Florida.

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