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Niche dating service

Or helping parents put on the best birthday party for their kids.You could teach people how to start their own dog grooming business.But what about all those guys and gals on the shopping channels selling the latest fad diet or the latest piece of exercise equipment?

A better niche strategy is to simply tap into an established market, selling what people are already buying.And this assumption is they think they've found an untapped niche market based on their own perceptions, or their .This is what's called confirmation bias – you think something exists therefore it does.They put their own spin on each one, doing their best to make it look like original research.In this article we're going to instead give you a list of profitable niches to work with, many of which you'd have never considered before.

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But we're also going to show you how to uncover low competition, profitable niches very few people know about. We've already covered one of the key principles of niche marketing, one ignored by most people: Sell what people are already buying.