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Ms access turn off screenupdating

The following example shows how to turn off the warning messages: Private Sub cmd Run Make Table_Click() Do Cmd. Hourglass False 'Turns the Access warning messages back on Do Cmd.

Hourglass True 'Turns off the Access warning messages Do Cmd. Set Warnings True End Sub You should only consider setting these options once you are fully sure that the actions are going to perform without any problems.

When automating actions in Microsoft Access such as running Action queries, you may wish to avoid any user intervention, for example having to OK warning messages when running an Update, Make-Table, Delete or Append query.

When you set the Echo On argument to No, the macro runs without updating the screen.

I figured out that I should use the "modeless" keyword to keep the code running, but when I do, the userform (with the label " Working, Please wait.") shows blank white box ony.

I close it off at the end of my macro with an "unload userform2" command.

It shows the use of the Echo, Close, Open Form, Set Value, and Go To Control actions.

The Set Value action sets the Supplier ID control on the Products form to the current supplier on the Suppliers form.

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