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Mehmet dating

Example: You really think Kim Jung Un would pull that attractive a woman if he didn't have the power/money he did?

If he hadn't died when he did, she would have likely left him within two years, though, because her own goals would have reasserted themselves as a priority instead of her hormone addled perceptions and he wouldn't be willing to move around to new universities to stay close while she goes to medical or law school.

I think the whole "he has a new one every year" aspect of it to be slightly creepy, like he's this older man who's a known creeper on co-eds.

I would have liked it better if they hadn't thrown that in.

Upon entering his shop one feels like passing through time, packed with old gramophones dating back 1904, plaques in the drawers, newspaper clips with famous artist when gramophones were popular, and pictures with famous people.

Here was buried Pjetër Bogdani, one of the most prominent Albanian writers.

That all being said, they seemed to find each other attractive- both emotionally, intellectually, and physically- that's really what matters! Also, I'm 26 and can't imagine dating a young 20-something.

I wasn't happy that Paris cheated on Jamie, of course. The ep where she breaks up with Jamie was on earlier today (thanks #Freeform) and it made me cringe remembering how clinical she was even while acknowledging that he played a special part as her first love. Hell, I just got sucked into a freakin' FB debate with one of my former seminar students (who's probably like 22?

) that was reeking of stupidity/lack of emotional cognizance. I don't think she ever gravitated towards guys her own age due to insecurity/ the cool guys wouldn't like girls like her. Probably also a healthy dose of father issues, never bonding with him and looking for a father figure. But i kinda had a moment when i saw how much Paris genuinely cared about Asher and how devoted she was.

In true Paris fashion it was one of the most unique love stories in the series.

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They seek out older, sturdy, authoritative partners.

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