Marriage and dating in germany

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Marriage and dating in germany

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"A wedding party gathers after the civil ceremony at the Berlin-Kpenick city hall.

Germans believe that the bride will have as many children as the grains of rice that stay in her hair.

Meanwhile, the couple tosses coins to the children (Phelan 2005).

Since the bride and groom are already married by law, they usually enter the church together and walk down the aisle together.

The bride typically wears a white gown without a train.

Friends and relatives bring old porcelain and kitchenware to smash in front of the bride and groom.

The broken pieces are thought to grant them a happy, lucky life.

As the bride and groom exit the church, friends throw rice on them.

Then, the bride and groom ride in the wedding car, which is decorated with lots of flowers, or they take a coach with horses to the reception location (Marriage 2005).

The couple and their guests create a car procession and drive through town honking their hornsoften times others will honk back wishing the couple good luck (German Wedding Traditions, Part 1 2004).

It is not customary to have bridesmaids, groomsmen, or flower girls at a German wedding (Walking Down the Aisle, Part 2 2004). Pierre, a native to Germany and sociology instructor at Penn State, the wedding party usually consists of a male and female witness, she said.

There are no elaborate wedding parties like in the United States (St. Furthermore, wedding bands are worn on the couples right hands (Phelan 2005).

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