Mail updating cache directory

Posted by / 03-Sep-2020 05:21

Mail updating cache directory

This file is the reason why you can't just copy a profile into the "profiles" folder and have Thunderbird discover it.Contains subfolders with:- POP accounts and pop mail storage.You can set a custom location using other methods mentioned below.

If you are going to create a lot of accounts you might want to modify some default settings so that you don't have to manually re-configure each account.A profile can contain one or more account for mail, RSS, news, etc.The first time you start Thunderbird it will automatically create a profile in a default location if it does not already exist.Changing the default settings has no affect on existing accounts, it only affects accounts that you create after modifying those settings.This article is about Thunderbird's profile folder.

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Thunderbird has several new features which are enabled by default that increase the size of a profile.