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"So I asked to speak to her to find out what’s going on and thinking back on it now, she put a good show on as it sounded like she was really crying and upset."She said that she was bringing over some gold but didn’t have the right paperwork for it, and kept on asking me if I could help with money to get the right paperwork." Dave initially said no, but the fraudster continued to plead with him for the cash, so he asked to speak to who he thought was her solicitor."My mum was going to lend me some of the cash to repay the bank but luckily the debts were written off."I'm still struggling to get my credit rating up and trying to live my life again." After slowly building back his trust in dating websites, Dave decided to give online dating another try last year."She said she could remember meeting me in London, so I thought it must be genuine.Then we swapped email addresses and phone numbers, and we got on really well." But then the fraudster revealed she was actually in Ghana, not London, and begged Dave for the cash to buy a plane ticket to come and visit him.DAVE Hazel thought he'd found the one when he reconnected with what seemed to be an old friend on a dating website.

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Sadly for Dave, both the police and his bank have said it was impossible to trace the £15,000 cash he had sent the scammer.

"It's left me really struggling even though it happened a long while ago," said Dave. I was looking to buy a house but now I’m renting and it’s a case of not knowing what’s going to happen.

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