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Loose skin dating

Morse gained and lost about 50 pounds during each of her three pregnancies.

The excess skin isn't only a physical issue; it takes a toll on mental health as well.

I know there are already hundreds of questions like this but I want to ask in my own way.

I am a 22 y/o female who has lost 100 pounds and I am getting a lot of attention as I am now relatively fit and have an attractive face.

My concern is what a potential partner would think when I wasn't clothed.

I look very good when I am all dressed up but as hard as it is to admit I do have lots of stretch marks on thighs, stomach, arms, back.

So a lot of Instagrammers are coming forward to share that when you lose weight, a goes on with your body—and some of it isn't necessarily well understood.

But these images typically showcase only one element of what it's like to lose weight.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code."Women featured in TV, online, and print images frequently have complete makeovers—flawless skin, gorgeous hair, stylish clothes—it's unrealistic," she says.But a critical self-view is also to blame for post–weight loss unhappiness.

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Weight loss isn't the fairy tale we've made it out to be.

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