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But with a secret in her pocket, Judy and Jen's relationship hits its climax in Episode Nine.

But unpacks a lot of big time issues in its final episode "You Have to Go." The series stars Christina Applegate as a mourning widow named Jen and Linda Cardellini as her mysteriously chipper counterpart Judy, who is taken in by Jen.

After moving out, Jen's eldest son Charlie returns home with news that his grandmother Lorna (Jen's mother-in-law) is addicted to pills.

Meanwhile, Steve's search for Judy leads him to Jen's house, where he reveals he was in the car with Judy the night of the hit and run.

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The season finale centers on the idea of forgiveness, and the first of a few clues leading up to the finale's final moments rests in the words of a rabbi Judy speaks with: "If we want God to forgive us, we have to forgive him."" data-reactid="24", the series isn't afraid of what happens when that gun goes off.

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