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Then, sex-obsessed Virginia caused Penny more grief with a lesbian dominatrix client named Mrs. Penny's chatterbox proposed: "Come down and meet me for lunch at the Y, chickadee," and they had a short but interrupted encounter. Pearl (Larry Gelman), "I have a vagina that can talk," and called it "a foul-mouthed little beast." She revealed herself to the doctor, as Virginia quipped: "What's up, Doc?" The reassuring doctor, who realized that Virginia had a talented voice and was a ticked to fame/fortune, first demonstrated the "Miracle of Anatomy" on-stage to a gathering of the A. A., tauting her as "the 8th wonder of the world." Virginia was shown and began to sing Swanee River to the stunned but appreciative audience, leaving Penny totally embarrassed. Pearl became her agent, and she took to Hollywood to perform with her miraculous "down there" voice - the two appeared on Professor Irwin Corey's show titled Hollywood Open House.Its metallic fingers spread her legs and examined her intimately. Proteus explained how the full-term pregnancy would last only 28 days, after which she would give birth to a "full-term infant."When she rebelled against Proteus, the supercomputer became ruthless.Later, Proteus tried to brainwash Susan: "I'm going to bypass your forebrain and appeal directly to your amygdala. She was again strapped to a laboratory bed, while the machine promised: "I can't touch you as a man could, but I can show you things that I alone have seen.

During a thorough physiological examination of Susan, it first took an automatic pair of scissors and cut her dress lengthwise up her body - and then it probed her all over. Your life, my child." Later, it proposed to impregnate her with a gamete (a sex cell or "synthetic spermatozoa") in an attempt at synthetic procreation, claiming that it needed her body because it could not replicate the human womb.Virginia (covered over with a triangular-shaped patch emblazoned with the letter V) performed her hit record - the disco song Wang Dang Doodle.[Note: The songs were penned by popular singer Neil Sedaka!She suddenly heard a second voice in unison singing Beautiful Dreamer.She glanced over and saw Ted, also naked under a trenchcoat.

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Although director Hamilton faced charges of child pornography, he went on to direct other tales of scantily-clad young teen females coming of age with the same style of soft-focus film-making, including: Director Tom De Simone and American International Pictures (AIP) quietly released this unusual, inoffensive and non-sleazy R-rated sex comedy about a chatty set of genitals.