Klippel feil in adults chat

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It has been suggested to me that I go to a medical school to be studied and find out more about what is going on.I have seen a geneticist and have seen three spine specialists.It was the most excruciating thing I have ever endured. Two months later, I was bleeding still and full of infected afterbirth that should have went septic but did not. He was angry because I saw another Urologist one time.The hospital administrator could not get him to come see me. I fell asleep driving to a physical therapy appointment just after waking up last Dec.

This is not a confirmation of diagnosis: rather it is designed to see if your child is a ’late developer’who will catch up a bit later than many others.I have a very good vascular specialist at a teaching hospital associated with WVU who says my carotids are not blocked enough. My vessels cannot be completely visualized from my cervical deformity though and go down to minimal blood flew in areas if I am reading my reports correctly. Like I am very hoarse and it is hard to push my voice out. I have heard of the progress made in India in the last 50 years with babies having therapeutic treatment, starting at birth, that is changing their outcomes. So you think in view of my Klippel Feil Syndrome that I should have stinting done? I want to be a voice to advocate and educate from my experiences. even though he feels that they are not severe enough? I have been diagnosed twice with greater than 60% blockages to my renal artery and it they were not found the next test. The CHAT (Checklist for Autism in Toddlers) screening test is often carried out by a GP, health visitor or member of an autism team in order to detect a spectrum disorder.

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