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Lucas plays her childhood sweetheart, Jake, who she needs to divorce before marrying Dempsey.

Lucas said on ABC's morning program that he and director Andy Tennant talked about a sequel "extensively" and are "lobbying for the world to join us."Though a proposed synopsis might break the hearts of those who support Melanie and Jake.

and you may find it impossible to get the fascinating comedy-drama about two siblings in crisis out from under your skin.

The film stars Josh Lucas as Mat, a ne’er-do-well who arrives at his younger brother Alan’s (Stephen Plunkett) New York apartment the night before Alan is leaving town.

"The proposal that Andy Tennant, the director, had which was quite interesting was that my character is back in Alabama, and Reese is actually, her character is in New York with our kids," Lucas explained. So the whole life is super complicated."Lucas didn't say whether Jake would win Melanie back, but revealed Dempsey's character Andrew "is still in the picture." Before hitting the bar (with or without a baby), let's remember what Lucas advised, that this is "just a proposal."Witherspoon voiced her enthusiasm for a sequel live on Facebook in 2016.“We are not making a sequel that I know of, but if Disney wants to make a sequel, they can just call me," the "Big Little Lies" actress said.

“I would happily make 'Sweet Home Alabama 2.'”Where has the time gone?

Mat treats Ronnie that way: Life is hard, let’s just enjoy this.

It takes the pressure and responsibility away from Mat. Mat also catches a mouse and throws it out the window. There’s a stuck door, the broken glass, the helicopters, the power outages, etc. The helicopters are a key sign, and the mouse is scratching at the inside of the walls and my head.

There’s a level of honesty that Ronnie respects in Mat. In the case of John [Magary’s] work, I read that script and it had the densest dialogue, with overlapping “ums”—as if he recorded conversations. I would question him about things I didn’t understand. How do you view symbols in the film and in everyday life? The dream sequence is truly a dream—and that’s a moment that wasn’t written as a dream.

While Alan is away, Mat invites his girlfriend, Andrea (Lucy Owen), and her son, Ronnie (Corey Nichols), over to stay.

Trouble ensues, however, when Alan returns home early and in despair.

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