Jiangsu tv dating game

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Jiangsu tv dating game

The most interesting part of the show is the way the dads improve their relationship with their children.

If you think Chinese kids are cute this is the show for you, plus most of the dialogue from the children is fairly simple for beginners to understand.

I believe the format of this show came from South Korea.

A group of dads separate from their partners for a period of time and go travelling with their young sons or daughters, and take part in a range of challenges and competitions.

Otherwise you can try the Chinese video site Youku.

Some of the content on Youku may be restricted by geographical location to China only, but if you’re using the web browser Google Chrome, one great tip is to install the browser extension Unblock Youku, which should open up the content to you.

When you first start watching Chinese TV shows, you may not be able to understand a lot, but it will give you exposure to a broader range of vocabulary and slang, and it will also give you a better idea of the way native speakers speak, so you can start picking up more natural speech patterns than the ones taught in textbooks.

It will also help you to understand Chinese popular culture.

They’ve generally got Chinese celebrities on who you might have never heard of, but it’s good harmless fun nonetheless.

A good wide range of performances, and given that China has the population that it does, and there are several rounds of the competition before you get to go on the national show, the standard of the acts is pretty good!

A Mandarin talk / interview show from Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television.

Here’s my list of some of the best entertainment TV shows you can watch to learn Chinese, representing a good range of different types of programmes across China and Taiwan.

I’m only including TV programmes in this list, not series or soaps. I’ve put some of the easier shows to understand closer to the top.

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When I was studying Chinese at university I used to watch a fair number of Chinese TV shows, with the aim of improving my spoken Chinese and listening ability.

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