Jeffrey sebelia dating

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Jeffrey sebelia dating

"I had nightmares and flashbacks for months after doing the show," he says.

Even if Sebelia suffers the same nightmares as Santino, L-O-V-E will no doubt save the day.

Particularly the monstrosity he designed for one of his competitors mothers.

Now I don't like to see the eldery picked on but I got the sneaky suspicion that Sebelia purposely designed the most unflattering dress he could for that Mom.

According to the West article on Sebelia entitled "Rock/Drugs/Scissors" he already had some success as a designer (after burning out on drugs and the sleazoid music industry) and will keep working no matter what.

Jeffrey Sebelia (born May 3, 1970) is an American fashion designer and founder of the clothing label Cosa Nostra, which he headed from a loft on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.Sebelia gets some advice from his friend and former Project Runway enfant terrible Santino Rice: Sebelia says it was Santino himself who warned him never to look at the online message boards. A.'s fashion scene well before either appeared on the show. There's even a hate page for Mother Teresa, saying she's a star-[expletive].Over coffee, Santino tells me, "Once you actually learn who those people are on the Internet, it doesn't matter. Whatever." Still, he seems genuinely surprised by the onslaught of hate mail he received.The look can best be described as dystopian rock 'n' roll—"Blade Runner" meets Vivienne Westwood's Sex Pistols with a touch of Oscar Wilde dandy.His dark, zippered biker jackets and wax-printed drainpipe jeans have become popular among sullen young actors and preening rock stars of both sexes.

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