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Eryka Badu’s three children are from three of her past relationships.

She had her oldest child, son Seven Sirius Benjamin, with ex Andre 300 (from Out Kast); her oldest daughter Puma Sabti Curry’s father is rapper The D. C, and youngest child, daughter Mars Merkaba Thedford, was had with Jay Electronica. Earlier this year, Hiphop DX reported that Common revealed in a speech at The University of Colorado-Boulder that after the break-up, “I discovered was that I was scared to wear my greatness.

With her in America, our relationship suffered, I was devastated, we’d been talking marriage and suddenly she had to go.

Puff made me so happy, she was in a good place and so was I, our relationship worked…

I wasn’t successful obviously, I’d go off them, but I missed the ‘great’ feeling they gave me and when I was stressed I’d use again.” She denied the rumor again, joking “I just be a little hungrier than usual come late October.” Badu is already a mother of three. At the time, Badu wrote of her relationship with Jones, “I got a second, I mean third, I mean “forf” time at LUV!” According to Jones’ Instagram page, he appears to have also moved on, posting regular photos with girlfriend Giana Lawrence.After using drugs on and off for 10 years, I checked myself into rehab in June 2011 and I’ve been clean since then. I looked at her and saw my future wife and the mother of my kids.We met in studio while she was here in SA to work under the Ghetto Ruff record label five years ago.

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I would spend R2 000 a week on cocaine and up to R10 000 a weekend. I was surrounded by ‘friends’, some whose names I didn’t even know and getting drunk and high with these people was the norm.