Is amber heard still dating tasya van ree

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I actually thought she would go more into politics or something like that. Perhaps if given better roles R58, she'd be able to dazzle you more with her acting abilities?But good for her for combining acting and her activism. "I read an article that listed some, from Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck, to Farrah Fawcett, Brad and Angie, Eva Mendes" Crawford was notoriously dumb. Either way...she's out, she takes a stand, and that's cool in my book.

I can't even stand looking at her picture." ---------------------------------------- Yeah but to call Heard a 'moron' when she could easily follow the ideology of her 'heroine' and deny her gayness and bait gays, when instead she goes and speaks out in support and organises rallies and stuff, well I think that's uncalled for and low. She might 'like' her for whatever weird reason but she's not acting like her.

This is what it says at that link:"If you're pissed about Target's 0,000 campaign donations to anti-LGBT candidates, you're not alone.

Adorbs."Just that, and a pic of them holding hands.

There was a story that someone told her Pearl Harbor had been bombed and Joan responded, "Pearl Harbor? " Stanwyck was a freeper and so was her husband Robert Taylor. Eva Mendes is a dumb bimbo who made it on her looks alone. R54, to my knowledge, she didn't date ANYONE in high school.

I knew her as a freshman (I was a senior and took her under my wing and introduced her to all the seniors), and she was just an outspoken, cool girl back then. We went to a strict Catholic academy for high school. If this was a guy and a girl you'd be all 'they're totes doing sexy times'.

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