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Irridating aluminum

One of the IHPTET (Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technology) goals is to operate turbines at 2200-2500 K inlet temperatures, maintain efficiencies in the 88-94% range and require total cooling flows of only 5% of the engine air flow rate.To attain these goals, a thorough understanding of the factors which control the attachment of film jets to the wall is mandatory.The Coriolis force, induced by rotation of turbine blades, results in highly non-uniform heat transfer distribution on leading and trailing sides, leading to premature failure and unreliable thermal operation of the blade.This is mainly due to the distortion of mainstream velocity profile by cross-stream secondary flows.PSI proposes to demonstrate the feasibility of laser-induced incandescence as a practical, affordable instrument package for detection of soot particles in test stand gas turbine exhausts.The basic method utilizes a pulsed laser to radiatively heat particles, and an imaging detection system to observe spatial distributions of the time-resolved incandescence from the hot particles as they cool following cessation of the laser pulse.The proposed investigation aims at obtaining uniform distributions of regional and local heat transfer coefficients through mass transfer experiments and by using the analogy between heat and mass transfer.Extensive experiments will be conducted with transverse and angled, asymmetric ribs in a two-pass, square rotating channel.

A fluores- cence dye will be seeded in the coolant flow.

Effusion cooling offers a relatively simple technique for the efficient cooling of gas turbine combustor and turbine blade walls.

Effusion cooling is strongly influenced by the number of holes, hole size, coolant flow rate, injection angle and pressure drop across the holes.

Examples include chemical processing, gas injection in combustors, film cooling for turbine and combustor, V/STOL transition flight aerodynamics, pollutant dispersion.

The technique can trace several jet paths simultaneously and efficiently, and would find application in many industries.

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