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Iraq social  love dating site

The oldest millennials have lived through 6 major wars.They’ve experienced the fall of Saddam Hussein and the rise of ISIS.Those who said that love does not make miracles, Bilal al-Iraqi and Fatima of Morocco were able to draw a story of challenge in their love, which ended in marriage, despite the many obstacles and distance between their countries.The story began in the summer of 2017, when Bilal told Al-Jazeera Net that after the removal of Mosul from the organization of the Islamic State traveled to Kirkuk (north of Baghdad) to complete his studies at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Mosul (alternative site).And if your idea of Iraq is what you’ve seen on TV, you might be in for a surprise. Jeremy Courtney, Jessica Courtney, and JR Pershall are executive producers.

He also knows eight computer programming languages.

And we first went to Baghdad, and then from Baghdad, we came to Erbil.

And after one year and a half, I continued my studies at University of Mosul in Kirkuk.

When Bilal tried to travel to Morocco to proceed with Fatima's request for marriage, he was surprised that Iraqis had been barred from entering Morocco since 2015, as well as the absence of diplomatic representation for Morocco in Baghdad, which made it impossible to enter Bilal.

Not only that, in July 2018, the Kingdom of Morocco issued a compulsory recruitment decision for both sexes, and Bilal had to be married before November of the same year, the month of entry into force of the resolution.

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