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The caterer brought the flatware to the wedding, set it up and took it back to their place of business afterwards.

The party rental company picked up the flatware from the caterer.

Five complete sets missing could be a wrong amount delivered, or possibly stolen by a guest or someone else. people helped themselves to a bunch of stuff from my wedding.-Custom sharpies with our names for guestbook -Framed engagement photos x2 -Center pieces (florists) -seat covers (caterer) -chargers -runners (at least those were ours) -Cake stand (baker) -Crystals from our crystal trees Thankfully the crystals were ours.

Spent a hundreds on e Bay and still find some on relatives Christmas trees every now and then. Two Very tall vases with lights inside and some other floating decor were missing.

Making a website is not at all a difficult task these days.

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People search so much things related to wedding that people feel highly tempted to start a site to help them out.I understand at some weddings Center pieces are fair game. Since she got a couple of referrals from us she didn’t care. About 3 months later we found out her Aunt took it.Caterer said it happens and she messes them up every now and then. We got it back and baker gave us since he had to buy another when returned. Check your rental agreement with the party company, it probably says something about how you take full responsibility of the items once delivered.For safety's sake, I used red loctite since I didn't plan on taking them off anytime soon.The threading happened to be different on the spacer studs compared to the wheel studs, so I had to use the lugs inside the spacer.

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Where do I begin to get them to focus of the caterer and not myself?