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Padahal bahasanya sangat halus dan sangat gwa usahain untuk gak terlalu menyerang.

I've been rarely visiting /r/indonesia, in fact I've been rarely on reddit lately.

My phone can't handle VPN (I have a crappy dual SIM phone, any VPN app make it warm/hot).

I've been working outside office for quite some time and it is a hassle to access reddit (I can access reddit freely from via company proxy). So many new users in this subreddit (yes, you're all just a reddit user to me, unless you prove me otherwise), and all the posts make me feel old. Bayi infant jadi chick magnet, om-nya berusaha nahan godaan enda mandangin 3-4pantat pramugari yang pas persis di depan muka gw, waktu lagi main-mainan sama keponakan eijk.

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Today’s action isn’t about doing what’s right for our state, it’s an attack on Ohio’s most vulnerable children that will limit their opportunities in the future,” said AFSCME Ohio Council 8 President John A.

A loss of collective bargaining rights will mean lower-quality child care available to parents, and the loss of thousands of jobs that are largely held by women and minority workers now.

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In my opinion, Governor Kasich’s decision to rescind my collective a bargaining rights is a short­-sighted, politically motivated move Ohio’s working parents will come to regret.(“Kasich halts union rights for child care providers,” Plain Dealer, May 22) And the first thing Kasich needs to know is I am a licensed, early childhood education professional, not a babysitter.