Hlstatsx stats not updating Real live camxxx

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Hlstatsx stats not updating

But good luck in your search, if you do find someone willing to do that package for that cheap please post it here, it would be nice to know in case someone else needs something similar.

Well I mean given the dollar that still converts to about .00 US but with actual root access and a request for a third party application that won't be an easy task.

My current host disabled my scripting on my hosting when I started through SSH the other day as it is a permanent server process? Why dont you have your game server provider run the HLStats X perl script on the server itself? if you have cpanel, just add your gameserver's IP to the access hosts list for mysql databases.

Thanks for the understanding UGC #Staff We will announce the start as soon as all teams have been put together and registered.

We are returning with a new UGC contest, in which one UGC staff is available for each team, with a total of four.

connected ok 2014-01-24 : - CONFIG: Reading database config...

2014-01-24 : - CONFIG: I have found the following server configs in database: 2014-01-24 : - ERROR: Geo IP method set to binary file lookup but .//Geo Lite City/Geo Lite NOT FOUND 2014-01-24 : - HLSTATSX: HLstats X: CE 1.6.19 starting...

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OK Return to Administration Center 2016-10-12 : - PROXY, Reload request from 2016-10-12 : - CONTROL: Command received: RELOAD 2016-10-12 : - CONTROL: Sent 29 bytes to frontend at '' 2016-10-12 : - CONTROL: Re-Reading Configuration by request from Frontend...