Heavenly playgirl dating sim angelo

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Unlocks after 4th event: Ray: Leaving this town is harder than what I imagined.

I’m putting Girlish Love Revolution on hold for the summer. On Sunday during week 1 or 2 go to the bus station.

5 exp Ray: Although our meeting is short, you’ve always lightened my day.

40 exp Gifts for Ray: Bought in WTH: Key necklace – 30 exp Laptop – 40 exp Bought in Grocery Store: Isotonic Drink – 10 exp Ray’s events: 1st event: Week 1 Sunday or Week 2 Sunday.

0 exp Ray: Did you know about that car accident a few weeks ago?

5 exp Ray: Actually I’m kind of interested to work in that weird store at the mall.

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0 exp – Actually it’s been so much fun talking with you.

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