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Hackers could monitor your home and perhaps learn when it's vacant and susceptible to robbery.

Because a webcam can see your face -- and maybe more -- there's nothing to stop a hacker from taking your photo and posting it on the Web.

If you want to find the app that's doing that, launch a program and see if your webcam's LED flashes.

If nothing happens, start other programs until you discover the one that makes the LED blink.

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Trojans, unlike viruses, do not spread through replication.

Instead, they're hidden within programs that you install on purpose.

Unfortunately, it's possible to not know whether your computer has a malware infection.To best to prevent your web accounts from being hacked, there are various approaches you can take to stay in control and secure. Or, you can get a six digit password and practice typing it in until you can type it in so fast that he cannot see what you type.This article will tell you how keep your accounts secure. If you cannot trust your boyfriend around your phone, it might be time to find a better boyfriend!When a webcam hack occurs, Trojan malware finds a way to activate cameras and control them without the owner’s knowledge.If you don't want a webcam infection, avoid questionable websites and do not install applications from sources you do not trust.

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Other than to keep my profile really secure and make really hard to answer security questions.

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