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Posted by / 06-Jul-2020 04:03

Using the wizard will affect your other (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE ) calls if you are not careful.

If you have the option, I would recommend using the SQLData Source objects.

However, it also pulls the entered value from the textbox when you are updating and sends it to your Object Data Source's Update Method.

Currently, Role ID and Employee ID are the only update parameters showing up during the Updating event because they are the only ones you have specified Bind for instead of Eval.

You shouln't need any Bind or Eval statements for Employee ID since it is already specified in Data Key Names.

This was occuring even though I had placed Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" or Old Values Parameter Format String="" within the Grid View's attributes.

Ok, So I was able to resolve this issue by going into the On Updating event in the Object Data Source and doing the following below.

I am having trouble 'saving' the changes the user makes when editing text ina field on a gridview.

When the user clicks EDIT then makes a change or two, then UPDATE, the changes are lost.

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