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In physics, the COG represents the point at which the forces of gravity could be said to converge within an object, where its weight was balanced in all directions. One obvious problem was that whereas it might be easy to identify the COG of a solid and static object, it was much harder to do so with a complicated shape made up of moving parts.

For Clausewitz, the COG represented the source of the opponent’s power and strength and was therefore “the point against which all our energies should be directed.” Here the application of force should most likely result in the enemy’s defeat.

Second, it reflects the classical assumption that the most important task of armed forces must be to defeat those of the enemy.

This follows from the conviction that the key to unlocking the enemy state is the elimination of the enemy army.

Many variations on the COG theme have been explored by Britain’s and America’s armed forces over the past few decades.

I am prepared to be corrected, but I have seen no evidence that the effort has improved the conduct of military operations.

Bill, however, has other plans, namely bringing back Weirdmageddon.

However, soon Bill begins to see another side of Dipper.

Third, the concept of the COG has had little practical value.Even though this monster almost killed him and everyone he knew and loved, something draws him in.Whether it is because of his need for something interesting in the last few weeks of summer, seeing it as some sort of makeshift therapy, or because there might be something wrong with him after all, he allows the demon back into his life in an attempt to pacify or befriend him.Force can have an instrumental value, even when it is not decisive in itself.There is always a need to understand enemy objectives and capabilities, but that does not always require working out how to impose a total collapse.

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