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Still, there’s no denying that superficial, self-absorbed people exist.And if your height has been something that has either been pointed out by a woman or simply makes you insecure, my words of wisdom aren’t necessarily going to ameliorate your frustrations. Most insecurities in regards to height (when it comes to men) come from being too short as opposed to being too tall. This is a question I’m often asked by male clients.Many of the men I speak to are concerned that being short puts women off.It can be really hard to tell somebody’s height on the big screen or a TV show, but several male actors There’s also a lot of surprisingly tall male actors in Hollywood, who make women swoon without coming off as intimidating or awkward.Here are a few over 6 feet 3 inches that never seem to let a towering stature affect their appeal: First, set your height to the max square footage on your dating apps and see if women make a comment. ” or “That can’t be your real height), say something like, “Uh oh, I was AFRAID you were going to be superficial.” Then you can follow up with something like, “That’s my way of testing to make sure you’re not just after me for my body.” From there, if she counters with anything else about height or is rude, simply share the information you’ve learned on why being short is actually super sexy.A lot of times, though, this has nothing to do with something personal or is really even founded at all.

Conversely, a study cited by Independent found that women actually prefer shorter men with dad bods.They also tell me that many women list a preferred or — up to eight inches taller, in fact!Men, on the other hand, preferred women to be shorter than them, but a taller woman certainly wouldn’t be considered a deal breaker.This could make her want to continue the conversation or end it right there.But either way, it helps you weed out mean people and gets you used to conversation in a way that doesn’t allow you to shrink under pressure about your height.

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There are several other studies floating around the internet with contradictory results.

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