Gay dating with gps america dating site 2016

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Gay dating with gps

CUPERTINO, CA, December 16, 2013 (Life Site – “If you’re gay and new to an area, how do you find out where gay people hang out?

” That, according to the creators of a newly-approved app for Apple’s i OS-based phones and tablets, is the “overly simplistic description” of the “problem” they sought to solve with – billed as “the only gay social app approved by the i Tunes store for 12-year-olds and older.” Describing itself as “Grindr meets Foursquare,” tracks users’ locations via GPS and lets them search for other users who share their interests and may be near enough for a face-to-face meeting at a restaurant or other venue.

Please remember to tag NSFW when necessary and mark out identifying details!Remember that if you choose to include information in your profile, and make your profile public, that information will also become public.”But the average person may not know or understand what they’ve agreed to in the fine print.Is it just me or are there loads of people these days using fake GPS apps?In order to protect the privacy of its users, the application only provides a rough estimate of the user's location, and also allows users to limit themselves to contact to people who meet their self-defined criteria.Simkhai specifically designed Blendr to be less focused on casual sexual encounters than Grindr, intending it to be a tool for meeting new people who share common interests from business to hobbies and relationships of all types.

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A data analysis conducted by an outside research firm, and independently verified by Buzz Feed News, shows that a popular gay dating app is sharing its users’ HIV status with two other companies.

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