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It’s not something that will help you count stars when you can’t sleep or help you with reading suggestions, but this bot talks to you about anything.

In a You Tube video featuring Harmony, the AI-enhanced gynoid introduces herself and her new X-mode system.Harmony tells viewers in the video that “when activated my X-mode will allow me to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies.” In fact, special programming dictates when and how she will treat her human partner with undying love and adoration. “My protocol 40058 states that when engaged in a loving relationship my priorities are to love, honor, and respect my human companion above all else,” she says. It replies to your question in the most humane way and understands your mood with the language you’re using.It is a bot made to chat about anything, which is one of the main reasons that make it so human-like — contrary to other chatbots that are made for a specific task. It asks general questions during the conversation like “What industry you belong to? ” and creates customized templates as per the given answers.

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Definitely, but they are just not far along the conversation axis.