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He is driving a group of 18-year-old school girls home from class, as he does every week day. Her chest heaving, Amber realizes who the man in the uniform was. 'That's the creep who drives us to school every day. She orgasms loudly as he collapses to the floor in front of her, banging his head. SMASH CUT to VINCENT, banging his head against his desk. Even though his virtual game has been broken, there is nothing stopping him from starting again.

Vincent is a disheveled young man, with horned rimmed glasses and scruffy beard. 'It feels nice to be clean again.' They all stare at Amber with beaming smiles. A final exterior shot shows the bus drive off into the distance.

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we've got the same mentor.' The girl shrugs her shoulders. ' There is a long silence as the other girls look at each other. 'I could never quite figure that part out.' Amber quickly mobilizes the girls together. 'He's probably hacked it, so that's why you don't remember. Ashley sits down, wrapping her arms around her legs. Aidra innocently tells Amber that she doesn't play video games. She goes to Ashley and asks the girl to tell her exactly what happens when the General comes into the game. Amber eagerly tells them all to try and get the General to make them cum.

' she asks quietly, taking comfort in the new girl. This is just a video game.' The girls take in the news with varying degrees of understanding. They swarm the General and proceed to reverse gang-bang him in a sexual frenzy. The General is so overwhelmed by the girls that he cannot order them to stand down.

We study them to get a good look at their matching uniforms, gadgets, and school bags. He turns the computer on and carefully places the specimen on the touchscreen surface. It is the start screen of a virtual reality game called: VIRTUALLY REAL.

He marches in front of the girls, as they stand before him. Amber's memories are downloaded into the game and it tells him he is ready to log on. Amber slowly wakes up to discover that she in a strange, new environment.

The game alerts him that he is ready to log on and Vincent places a VR headset over his eyes. A digital version of Aidra slowly wakes up and lifts herself off the ground. Equally polite, each girl responds with her full name, age, and home room number. Another classmate, Audrey chimes in, reminding Aidra that he is in charge. Suddenly the room goes very bright and the General appears. you just had something in your hair.' He says awkwardly, apologizing. She rushes over to them and wakes them up, asking in a panic if they are ok.

She looks around and sees three of her classmates, all sitting cheerfully and silently in their uniforms. He is the digital version of Vincent, dressed head to toe in a full-scale military uniform. 'This is my stop.' He darts in and plucks a hair from her head, pretending to flick something off. She gingerly rubs the part he pulled and steps off the bus, giving him a weird look as he drives off. He sits at his desk, drinking his liquid dinner and staring at the new profile page on his computer. Just as he is about to uncheck her 'personality' option, his smart assistant chimes in to tell him his mother is calling.

The profile populates with Aidra's photo and information. One of the classmates, Anna, tells her they are waiting for the General.

He reviews the profile, unchecks the option for 'personality' and hits 'enter' to load her into the game. Aidra seems confused, searching her mind to remember who he is. The third girl, Ashley, says they've been wondering about getting a new girl for a while now but the General is very unpredictable. She doesn't quite understand what is happening, but she knows she wants to be included. A cluster of four of her classmates lay huddled in the corner.

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