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This 8.5-inch papyrus is divided into two main topics: on the one hand, one-third depicts human-like animals performing human activities, which are thought to be a satirical depiction of everyday life.

The other two-thirds –and the most interesting ones– portray twelve scenes of people performing sexual positions.

In other words, it was one of the first examples of pornography.

As I mentioned, unlike other ancient cultures, sexuality in Ancient Egypt was depicted in a more subtle and encoded way.

If you think about these two topics, the only thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the famous and controversial character of Cleopatra, the sensuous queen whose charms enticed not one, but two of the most powerful men of her time.

However, when it comes to the Egyptian civilization, it’s hard to really know the role sexuality played in their development as one of the most important cultures.In that way, hunting scenes or animals were mostly used to depict fertility, reproduction, and sexuality.Another important thing to mention is that while human sexuality was mainly encoded, when it came to the depiction of gods, the nature of the iconography changed. COM - The World's Biggest Porn Tube Site since 2008. Stream, or download among any of our 600,000 porn videos! The team at works hard to keep you satisfied, with hundreds of new porno videos added every day.

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When all the amazing pieces were taken from their original land and transported to museums in London and other cities of Europe, they wanted to exhibit the mysterious and “exotic” side of this culture that had been forgotten for such a long time.

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