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Free chines sex bot chat room

There are also tips on how best to use Mitsuku so she gives the most accurate responses. Wondering about her skills and perks, I found the password function.

You are best entering one or two sentences at a time for her to work efficiently. Just ask her about the Top 40 and she will show you the current pop charts. Mitsuku can play more advanced games like Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe rather than just text based games. Human: What i want to say is , that 20 million human lives on earth. Human: Sure, believe me or ask another human which talk to you. Human: Sorry, but i could not find the right word for "another" .

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Human: If you like, you can tell me some words in german. Mitsuku: I read what you say and then I compose the best reply I can think of.

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