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Free adult chat muds

They could be playing alongside you as jolly partners, or against you as wicked adversaries, or even above you as capricious gods creating miracles and spells.Second, you and the other players can add or modify rooms, as well as invent new and magical objects.Since the original MUD was created, about 200 similar games have cropped up around the world, according to Amy Bruckman, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher who studies the sociological aspects of MUDs (see Amy Bruckman: A Study in MUDs, below).There may be as many as 200 undocumented MUDs flourishing as well, Bruckman said.You can log on 24 hours a day and greet fellow members of the crew - all in role-playing characters - as you collectively obey orders broadcast by the captain, and battle enemy ships built and managed by a different set of players.

Later, someone else adds a captain's bridge and maybe an engine room.The computer screen displays a message such as: "You are in a cold, damp dungeon lit by a flickering torch. You'll probably need to find a small collection of treasures and clues along the way to win the mother-lode booty, a search that may involve breaking a spell, becoming a wizard, slaying a dragon, or escaping from a dungeon.You explore by typing something like: "Look skull." The computer replies: "The skull says, ' Beware of the rat.' " You type: "Look grate," and the computer replies: "This way lies Death." You type: "Go north," and you exit through the tunnel, on your way into the unknown of the next room.You say to yourself, "What this place needs is a tower where a bearded elf can enslave the unwary." So you make one, just by typing in its description.In short, the players invent the world as they live in it.

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Multi-user fantasy games are electronic adventures run on a large network, usually fueled by university computers.

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