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NET page with a Wizard control containing several steps and about 80 form fields.The data is collected and inserted to a database from the code behind page.Data source components offer an alternative to the classic ASP.NET binding model based on a programmatic and explicit binding between enumerable data and the Data Source property of data-bound controls. NET 2.0, all data-bound controls support data source components for fetching, but only a few of them are designed to use data source components for other operations such as insertion, deletion, and update.In this article, I’ll provide a developer’s perspective of the control, and show in action both its obvious and less obvious capabilities and features.The primary aspect of the List View control is that it allows you to take full control of the user interface via templates and properties.

Do I have to call the Change Mode() method in the Mode Changing event handler? I can see the mode in the process of changing, because my Mode Changing handler gets called, but then the Mode Changed handler never gets called.

I need to set this form up so you can not only insert, but edit a record as well. I'd rather not use a Form View because then I would have to revise my existing code, since you can't access controls inside a Form View directly.

Is there a way to databind the fields without using a Form View?

The output of the List View control can be styled at leisure but only using CSS style sheets directly on HTML elements and without the intermediation of ASP. As mentioned, the List View control doesn’t force you to stick to a predefined layout – be it tabular, grid, multi-column.

NET data source controls, demonstrates how you can bind to data to allow users to interact with it, and presents the new Dynamic Data features of ASP.

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I have a Link Button in an Insert Item Template which when clicked, should display a hidden Drop Down List in the Insert Item Template.

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