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Farnsworth bentley andre 3000 dating

These recommendations make it plain that those who cannot sell literature are privileged to give what they can to this worthy cause. The Good Book says, " he that shall endure to the end the same shall be saved." To run well, we must run to the end. Why His best friend is visiting him Who His Mother WE ARE sorry to have one of our East Hall boys leave us. Show less1111111'11'11'111111111111, I ..111111ulturuu, II II II II II II II II II II IJ II II II II 1 II II II I II111 ,11111110,, I II II II II II II II . It is unquestionably true that such may be done ; that the tea-drinker is languid and weary at tea-time, whatever be the hour ; and that the refreshment produced by "the cup that cheers" and is said not to inebriate, is almost instantaneous.

f That publishing houses and branches close one day of the Big Week to enable employees to contribute an active part to the success of the Extension fund plan. Surely the practice of perseverance is a virtue more desirable than rubies. We recently received word from the Live Stock Commissioner, saying, " I feel very well pleased with the bulls that were sold to our representative." JACK HARDIE is the target of many envious glances these days. With bindness still more profound, some will plead for tea by telling that by its aid one can sit up all night long at brain-work without feeling sleepy, provided ample supplies of the infusion are taken from time to time.

s, "U K BRn-ISH COLUMBIA JAIAI ALBERTA SASKATCHEWAN YINC gl IO H6467011 SAS NORTH DAKOTA MONTANA MINNLIOTA "BEHOLD I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS" COLLEGE HEIGHTS, ALBERTA, APRIL VOLUME XXI / 0 0 0 OM ra rro risis rts- a a a 615-75 o 15- a a- cs 7, 1931 Colriro Ms Co NUMBER 14 ,...041.4WOOMMO. This liberal gift on the part of the General Conference is due to a realization that, owing to our destructive fire last May, our needs were fully as great and as urgent as those of mission fields. We will be listening for the sound in the tree tops from your section of the field, and we will be watching for the bestiring of themselves of every Seventh-day Adventist in Western Canada. The total attendance at the five meetings of last week was 2440, averaging 488 for each meeting. Reiner Educational --....--Sabbath School ............... The non-tea-drinker does not suffer any of these five-o'clock symptoms, and if otherwise in sound health, remains in steady working condition until his day's work is ended, and the time for rest and sleep arrives.

M.0.1M1.0., MDICI rs 6-1 al F a ro nris 0 0 615 BIG WEEK and Institutional Relief Campaign April 11 to 18 00 QS 9002000290 OS 0 0 0 0 Q 0 QS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 QQS QP Big Week Makes Pos Show mores, "U K BRn-ISH COLUMBIA JAIAI ALBERTA SASKATCHEWAN YINC gl IO H6467011 SAS NORTH DAKOTA MONTANA MINNLIOTA "BEHOLD I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS" COLLEGE HEIGHTS, ALBERTA, APRIL VOLUME XXI / 0 0 0 OM ra rro risis rts- a a a 615-75 o 15- a a- cs 7, 1931 Colriro Ms Co NUMBER 14 ,...041.4WOOMMO. We appreciate this help, indeed, and believe that because of it our Big Week campaign will mean more to our loyal people throughout the Union than ever before. We have had 23 meetings so far of the series, not counting Sabbath and special meetings. But the habitual victim of any kind of drug or disturber of normal functions, acquires a diseased condition, displayed by the loss of vitality or other deviation from normal condition, which is temporarily relieved by the usual dose of the drug, but only in such wise as to generate a renewed craving.

Canadian Junior College had a splendid field day on March 30, 1931 and though it was at the end of the month when people have little money, the students and teachers sold over 400 books in a single day. The Regina Effort End of Fifth Week FIVE weeks of the Regina Effort are now in the past, and we are entering upon the sixth week. The active principle which produces this result is the crystalline alkaloid, the theine, a compound belonging to the same class as strychnine and a number of similar vegetable poisons.

The recommendation of the General Conference dealing with the Big Week plans reads as follows Whereas, The Extension Fund plan now includes medical and educational as well as publishing projects, thus inviting the entire denomination to more earnest endeavor in its behalf ; therefore, We recommend, a That our lay members be encouraged to devote at least six hours during Big Week to the sale of literature, applying the profits to the Extension Fund. Amy and Aural Rick, from Blackfalds, arrived last Monday. He is working in the print shop and besides is moving his family into the house formerly occupied by Mr. Some sold books the work of this " poet of the common people." in the valley, others washed windows, worked in Other items were a reading by Miss Hansen and the laundry and kitchen or helped clean the campus. Rumford's burned soup, taken habitually at breakfast or other meals, would answer the same purpose, with the further advantage to poor people of being, to a certain extent, a nutritious soup as well as a beverage.

Not one believer in Western Canada would like to see the work suffer because of a lack of funds; therefore he will lay all other interests aside during the 1931 Big Week and Institutional Relief campaign and will sell the good books selected for this purpose giving the proceeds to the work, or will give his share to this fund. This page is conducted by the CANADIAN JUNIOR COLLEGE "Vile School of Character" The Latest Word From Your College Two new students have joined the girls of West Hall. THE Good English week closed with Viola Roth winning the ticket collection competition with for" BIG WEEK " was the theme at the Sabbath serty-five tickets. Four speakers discussed the Big Week in all came next with over thirty tickets each. It consisted of a review of the life of Whit- win, Ponoka, Lacombe, Red Deer, Innisfail, Clive, comb Riley, an American poet. The students at home were also busy songs, and a pianologue gave us a fair estimate of earning their share for Big Week. In the note which follows, I proposed an infusion of fried or toasted breadcrumbs, oatmeal, maize, wheat, barley, malt, etc., as a substitute for the, tea, the deep color of the infusion poured of from the grounds in this case serving to certify the boiling of the water.

Conference and institutional workers are invited to do both. 14 WESTERN CANADIAN TIDINGS A Sound of Going in the Tops of the Trees THE Lord said to David "And let it be, when thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt bestir thyself." This is symbolical language, of course, we can hear a going in the tops of the trees today and this going desires to say to every believer in the soon coming of Christ, " Bestir thyself." Think of the sound from Hudson's Bay in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south, and from Maine to the Pacific Coast, during the Big Week campaign, April 11 to 18. "Stick to your aim, the mongrel's hold will slip, But only crow-bars loose the bull-dogs lip." J. ALL INDIVIDUALS sending in an advertisement for the first time, must be recommended by a conference worker or local church elder. The total quantity of material conveyed from the tea-leaves into the water is ridiculously too small for the performance of any such nutritive function ; and, besides this, the action is far too rapid ; there is not sufficient time for the conversion of even that minute quantity into organized working tissue.

Those who can sell literature are invited to sell and give the proceeds to the Big Week fund. It is not the beginning but the conquering for which a crown is given. With the beginning of 1931 a goodly number began to read their Bibles through, to finish the reading course, to keep the Morning Watch, etc. mounting above mediocrity Do you see yourself stepping out of the crowd into the full limelight of leadership Then persevere. ADVERTISEMENTS RATES Per issue -40 words, 50 cents; each additional word 1 cent. No advertisement will be accepted unless cash accompanies the same. What is the true significance of these facts The refreshment is certainly not due to nutrition, not to the re-building of any worn-out or exhausted organic tissue.

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It is quite well understood that in this combined Institutional Relief and Missions Extension campaign, which we speak of as Big Week, one-half of the returns go to each of the two interests involved. He begins by quoting Count Rumford, who recommended an infusion of roasted meal as a substitute for tea And coffee, as follows He tells us that this is not only used by the wood-cutters, but that it is also the common breakfast of the Bavarian peasant, and adds that it is infinitely preferable in all respects to that most pernicious wash, tea, with which the lower classes of the inhabitants of Great Britain drench their stomachs and ruin their constitutions.