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Executivechinesedating com

Its good to know that they are there for me to help me top swing down that vine of life. She is the one who spread rumors about me with confirming it first. Well if theres a con in a situation there is always a pro. After I got home it started me to think how valuable my life is, and make to think more how lucky you got it here on this planet we all are playing on. I am also afraid my friends will forget about me when they have families of their own and when they are old and that would kill me if I was forgotten? I actually prefer being alone than being in a crowd. But that point aside, what does it have to do with her? She is the one who should have talked to me about it before opening her mouth. The good thing about this situation is that I would be able to know who my true friends are. I am so busy to study that I barely got time to go out with my friends. I found out that some certain someone said that a lot of people hate me. But if someone else do so, and for one that isnt true, no can do. I messaged her about it to let her know how I feel but Im not really expecting a decent reply. 0 Comments Christmas & New Year Christmas is a good time for my family, especially children about values like love, compassion, giving and sharing. Tears of joy, a Diploma in my hand, the feeling of pride, the sense of satisfaction. So is this all because of the rumors that have been spreading like fire? My point is though, she could have at least talked to me about it to confirm if what she assumed is really true, but she didnt. Aside from that, she even told everyone that if I dont want to go home, I would always drag someone to stay with me. My family Christmas is the best kind of Christmas and we had a good one, Our Family life can never be perfect there are squabbles and fights, misunderstandings and problems. All these years, I saw the world through the window, now it is time to step out on my own. I want to publicly thank all those who believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself. MY BEST FRIEND (My Big mistake) Well, after almost eight years, I encountered another backstabber that really pissed me off. What right does she have to get mad at me for that? It is up to me if I want to ask someone to stay with me or not, is it not? She is the one that have to apologize to me for spreading the rumors and ruining my reputation. I know that she would continue to bash and ruin my reputation, I know her that much. Im really glad that they didnt believe those assumptions and trusted the friend that they know of. A brand new start, A new beginning, A new life, I will make it a successful one. I know her attitude and I know she is the type that wont be able to shut her mouth; but nevertheless, I treated her as a friend. This certain girl heard of some things from some sources and started spreading baseless rumors about it. If I was the one who ruined my own reputation, fine. I was also able to realize that true friendship is really hard to gain and that relationships, no matter how close the bond is, will snap when bent. Im happy that I have just finished however am sad and I really miss my days in college. And I go off the rail so crazy and blinded by desire and wanting to dish out revenge against those who screw me in the ground and treat you like youre below a human just for the pleasure of doing it to you! I have lots of troubles that my friends dont know I have and I cant tell them whats wrong.

I have already consulted to dental specialist but they say there is no problem on my teeth, every 6 months I go to the Dentist to cleaning my teeth. Africa Darlings.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 126. China Darlings.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 127. Russian Dating Mall.com(Search me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 128. India Darlings.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 129. Thailand Darlings.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 130. Philippines Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 131. Cebuanas.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 132. Instead of embarrassing myself, I want to cry always. Before I started covering my mouth, I noticed that people would move away and cover there's. I need her shoulders to lean on, but she never cares to offer me one. My days are not complete without these trouble; She is always gone leaving me fearful and alone. I was bleeding and I need her she didnt even take a glimpse on me.

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She chose to open her damn mouth and spread this rumors that is totally not true. Every opportunity to bond with our family and make the most of our relations, and Christmas, no doubt, provides us with the best opportunity for bonding with our family. And do remember to feel free to drop by any comments, contributions and suggestions all year long. Heres the truth my New Year Resolution Apps to Get a New Job & Make More Money. I am excited to finally be walking for College Graduation on April 08, 2010. I look at my mother and see how proud she is of me now. 0 Comments HALITOSIS-(BAD BREATH) I will never forget this experience, when I was having Halitosis; I have had it for 4 years. 2008 when my classmate told me and she noticed it to me, that I have bad smell, coming out of my mouth, because I see a lot of people covering their nose when Im near, I brush three times a day, floss once a day and use mouth wash once or twice a day. I hate it and avoid talking to people because of it.

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