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Posted by / 14-Jul-2020 06:37

Excel formula not updating

Even being one of the biggest proponents of INDEX MATCH out there, I still make this error occasionally.From a logic perspective, the syntax of INDEX MATCH is somewhat backwards.

If they aren’t the same, then you have an error in your lookup formula.

If you’re an advanced user of Excel, you’ve likely already made the switch from VLOOKUP to INDEX MATCH because of the several advantages that INDEX MATCH provides.

Within Excel, INDEX MATCH is one of the most prevalent formula combinations available.

In the example above, the return column reference should be “ While this may seem like one of the most obvious mistakes to catch, it’s also usually the last the thing we look for during the process of error checking.

There’ve been countless times when we’ve made this error, gone through every other error check I know of, then realize that that the value we were looking up wasn’t even there in the first place.

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