Error updating the password file android samba fileshare 4 came chat jasmine sex

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Error updating the password file android samba fileshare

Cheers cyber7 (aka Aubrey) While I did not have trouble getting my SMB shares to work over windows 7, I am having the following problem: Using the latest Camelot Beta 2: I am attempting to have XMBC run on three different computes all pointing to the same database on a computer named "HTPC-Main." Therefore, even on the HTPC main machine, I want it to look for the file on SMB:/HTPC-Main/Media instead of the C:\Media folder that it actually sits in.

Also, when you are first connecting your Windows 7 computer to your network, it will ask if you are connecting to Home, Work, or a Public network. Also, sometimes you will be asked to be certain if you want to do something or you will be asked to go up a level in clearance to do something. : Locate and click "Choose homegroup and sharing options." You are now on the "Change Homegroup settings" window.

: Once "Everyone" has been added to the list, you have two choices.

You can choose to keep "Everyone" as a Reader only, in which case XBMC would be able to read the files, but could not write anything into the folder, meaning it could not correct file names or export nfos and tbns into the folder, if you want that.

Once you've made your decision, click "Share." I have no idea what all that stuff is.

My presumption is that some computers don't have those settings turned on by default.

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Well I also had issues get my xbox to connect with my PC(Win7), but I never had an issue with being prompted with username/password, however during my search to fix my problem I saw many people were able to get past the user/pass problem by uninstalling a program called "Windows Live Assignment", some program from a recent update that messed with the sharing...