Elijah wood dating history

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In the next year, he was cast the lead role in "The Wizard Of Oz," another musical production at his school, which was part of the festival "Hooray for Hollywood." Also, he was a choir boy in the Marion Creative Council's production called "See How They Run." Different resources reported that, when she once saw a commercial, Elijah's mother thought that Elijah could "do" some TV-related jobs, as well.

Thus, at the age of seven, she enrolled him in a local modelling school, at Avant Studios (also known as Avant Models & Talent), Cedar Rapids.

When Gary was suggested, by some of his friends, to watch Elijah's performance, he took quite some time to take a closer look at him.

After the competition I talked to his mother and asked if Elijah would like to come to my office with her the next day and talk about the possibilities of an acting career.

Elijah and I read some scenes together and he was wonderful. He's also very directable." Elijah himself recalls, "When my mom brought me to Hollywood for the convention, I didn't think of acting because I was just a model.

But when Gary asked me if I wanted to be an actor, I said, 'Yeah, sure.

I'll be an actor.' Gary was one of the judges in the talent auditions and my mom said it was OK with her.

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