Dropbox not updating on other computers

Posted by / 22-Sep-2019 21:54

Dropbox not updating on other computers

) I did put folders and files in dropbox - kind of back up - but they remain the same although the corresponding PC files have been altered many times.

Dropbox is complex and depends on many factors, including your network environment and software configuration.

To get around this, move the original folder to your Dropbox and add a junction point from its previous location to link to its new location in the Dropbox folder.Shared files, offline access, and file activity help you stay productive on the go.Meanwhile, files in the Dropbox app won’t take up space on your device (Note that this app will not sync your Dropbox folder with your device for use outside the app).If you’ve tried everything in the article and are still unable to sync, switch to a more reliable sync method.If 1Password won’t sync with Dropbox on some or all of your devices, try each troubleshooting step in order.

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It does not offer an apparent smart sync function as does the IOS app whereby one can minimize critical storage space on Microsoft Surface family.