Double your dating catalogue

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Double your dating catalogue

If a student misses the first day of class for any reason, the student may be administratively withdrawn from the course.

Since fall 1981, credits for courses taken at FAU are based on the semester system, with the fall and spring semesters each comprising about 16 weeks and the summer semester comprising 12 weeks.

The student's GPA from each institution attended will also be posted.

Students should get permission from professors to enter a course late.

Full semester courses offered in the fall and spring semesters may be dropped during the second week of the semester without receiving a “W” on the transcript, but are still fee-liable for the courses during this time.

Students should understand that adding late into a course might put them at a disadvantage because of the number of classes missed since the start of the semester.

Further, not all professors allow students to enter their classes if they have missed the first class.

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FAU coursework is listed under the headings of Current Term, Cumulative, FAU Total, Overall and Total Institution.