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Here is a letter from a first time GDD participant who experienced personally just why our loving God calls us to obey authority (Hebrews ): Hubby also informed me that we are going to be working on a habit I have that he can't stand. He feels like I could have handled a lot more then I did, so for future punishments he says he will do worse.He is giving me enough leeway so I am not really stressed about it, and since our 'test' spank, I know what I'm in for if I fail. As the spanks landed I truly felt like I could take no more, but within seconds I felt we could continue.I think my bottom just needed a few seconds to recover before moving on.Is this why some HOHs make the punishment drawn out?This website is intended to provide a refuge for those interested in a Christian Domestic Discipline marriage.Here they might find information and share fellowship with other CDD couples without having to wade through pornography, warped practises, or distorted ideals of what we believe God created for marriage.There is also more about my thoughts on the the subtle power exchange, sensual, sexual and emotional aspects involved between a Ho H & Ti H living within a DD relationship.That information is for another post, another day, another time...

It really is about relationships in general and having a Godly, blessed marriage which we all know is the only way to have a strong, masculine, dominant nation in God we trust.IF you are currently in a relationship like this, or in any relationship that carries with it the signs of domestic abuse, call 1-800-799-7233 or go here and chat with someone. It is intended to provide support and encouragement for those who believe in traditional Christian marriage, with the husband as the head of the household, and the wife as his helpmeet. This website is intended to be a haven for married couples who practise safe and consensual Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD), or for those who would like to learn more about CDD.I have learned in that time the beautiful balance between a Ho H and Ti H can lead to a peaceful place, a tranquil refuge from the often stressful lives we lead, and most importantly a home where a man and woman can express their love for one another.It takes time and a strong person to understand their Dominant nature. A Head of Household is more of a guide to take in hand their wonderful submissive partner and guide them both continually along a path of happiness.

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This site is not the typical “spanking” site prevalent on the web.