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It’s the version of romance sold by to have sex, but it’s assumed they will.

Frank and Amy have a good first date, with easy, witty conversation, but The System has determined their relationship will only last one night.

Swift has dated quite a few men over the years, including some of Hollywood’s hottest: from Jake Gyllenhaal to Taylor Lautner.

She also dated musicians like Harry Styles and world-renowned DJ Calvin Harris.

Neither of them argue, or try to override their orders: dating only exists within The System, so there’s no point in seeing each other again without its permission.

Even if they had, the System is enforced by armed guards, so users can’t quietly back out of their customized quests for romance.

At the beginning of her relationship with Alwyn, Swift took fairly drastic precautions to keep her relationship a secret.

According to The Sun, she wore disguises (including the use of a wig) to meet her beau on several occasions., fans believe that the songs “Ready For It,” “Gorgeous,” and “King of My Heart” were all written about Alwyn.

The speculations surfaced after videos and pictures of both of their locations in Hollywood were a tad bit too similar.

Swift is 29 years old and has never been engaged or married.

Here’s what you need to know: Swift and Alwyn, 28, were first linked in 2016.

The two-time Emmy award nominee isn’t new to the overseas scene.

Before becoming a popular actress she recieved a scholarship to study in New York.

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Generally speaking, Swift has been pretty good at keeping her personal life out of the tabloids.

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