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Datingstream euin

Soo ah might be annoying in the first few episodes, but i find she is the most likable when she started to become close with du shik. Heaps of kdramas, especially rom-coms, incorporate comedic elements into some scenes but this drama itself was pure comedy. Like Min Soo-A's character in episodes 1 to 4 she was sophisticated, smart and mature I was so wrong as time goes by her true nature shows that she's shallow and spoiled. For those who are looking for new series to start, Definitely Recommend This Drama! Thank you for making my week nights shine again you guys rocked! 1 more thing, even the cameo or supporting actress hilarious. Awkward relationships, work ethics and friendships. Doo-Sik and Soo-A are my favourite couple on here though. lol i hardly put my comments on asianwiki because I am extremeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllyyyy pleased by this drama Am i only one who suddenly laugh out of nowhere just by the thought of this hilarious drama? I'm in the train, everyone kinda silent and I unknowingly cracked up! The baby is precious and sometimes the only adult in the room. Baby Sol is sooo cute, I'm sure she'll grown up to a pretty girl. Fell in love with the actors too & their very effective acting. Guys, please help me know the place/address of the guesthouse/hostel (Waikiki Hostel) where they shot the show or where I can find it. Every episode makes me laugh and there is also touching moments that make my heart flutter. HAHAHAHAHAHA New role model for Kdrama, Seems kdrama has new transformation, they becoming more japanese or chinese and more real, i like it! New era Good Job This drama is really recommended to all kdrama lovers. I was laughing continuously the whole two episodes ?? Hope this drama gets good ratings as it is really deserving. So funny but at the same time so charming and kind-hearted boy?????

although soo ah break up with donggu, i think their chemistry is the best than their new love line One of the best korean dramas I have ever watched. It was light and fun-hearted, packed with heaps of embarassing moments and hilarious dialogue. Jung In-Sun character is so dumb she doesn't even have a clue I really thought she would grow mature for having Sol in her life. It’s super hilarious and it’s not draggy, it’s full of colourful characters and super relatable. Lee Yi Kyung definitely shine in this drama and so does other actors too!!! However why didn't you wait until the end of episode 20 to drop the dating news of Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun because there are tonnes of fans shipping Dong Goo and Yoon A and now all our ships have capsized before docking! The others are funny but I like their humour the best. Ok, 2 couples has been made and the last one Doosik & Sooah is on progress. They feel like they dont appear better than anyone else. I'm so embarrassed I get off the next station hahaha...kindly reminder, don't think about it when your in public, much less don't watch it in public! But I could do without the juvenile nonsense of farting, snot dripping noses, and stomach churning nose picking scenes. The actors are so funny, Kim Jung hyun has a nice voice. Overall this drama is good and thank you for extending the episode. I want to take a photo outside of the building when I go to So Kor this year. The baby is also great, she also contributes in making me happy. It was a mistake to watch this drama at night i couldn't control my laughter x D its been a while since ive watched anything this funny x D also the drama is very aesthetically shot n the cast is so good! this 2 episode made me feel i want to watch more others episodes!!!!

I don't know if I should call this a kdrama or not because there is no drama in it at all. The friendship between the three guys were all outstanding. here's to the continued and much deserved success of this show. Not only him every actors here are new,but they all are great.. This drama is very light, nonsense most of the time but i love how it is! My first time lauging so hard after watching a korean drama. WTW lightens the mood and gets me psyched up to binge the other 3 in one go and Im struggling because that has been my status quo the past few weeks. PS: I wish someone can translate the English comments into Korean so that the actors and crew can read how favourable and well loved they are for us international fans ❤️ Now, I regret that I watching this whe drama still airing. I am truly indebted to the writer & director for this drama... Also, Hands up to Jung-Hyun he's such a great actor! I think this is a blessing of disguise for jung-in sung to potray her true potential.

Okay, I must admit, there are some dramas in it but expect a hilarious scene later. Im not going to comment any further, but i just want this drama to have season 2 with the same cast, the same director, the same writer, the same cameraman and the same staff. I also love all couples here specially jun ki and seo jin.. Very hilarious even just the thought of it cracked me up. 10000000% recommended drama....hatsoff to all the casts and technicians of "Eulachacha WWaikiki".... I hope this drama should be dubbed in our country....excellent drama.... King of all comedy asian dramas...there r no words left to praise this drama.... Best scene when jun ki burned his eyebrow dong gu and du shik was all gloomy n yet they laughed so hard seeing him. I'm like a baby without its dummie whah whah whah whah whah I'm throwing my toys out of the cot!!! Haha...allows us to move on & look forward towards another working day... seriously, this drama started good and so fun to watch but now i'm getting tired with all the scenes especially with episode 8. Actually he's the reason why I'm waiting for this drama but now I love all the casts here! Even as a supporting actor in mirror of the witch..did exceptionally well...

But she's still the best, she doesn't act all cute 'cause she's already real and naturally beautiful. eun ji is a wonderful contrast of a person who despite fame and honors, could still remain humble and friendly. Seeing Eunji makes me wonder how can this person have such a warm-hearted and sparkling personality. Shouldn't she be snobbish, selfish and vain as most artists are. May God bless your everyday life:) and oh,i hope Apink comebacks with a stronger album this year(Love LUV, No No No and Remember I love very much and I love your leading role in cheer up you are good you are kindhearted,cheerful and most of all you are beautiful and very good at singing,dancing and acting you are the best and hope to see you in other korea movies. : D I'd be in sooooo much happiness if you'd release your own solo song! You're always my ultimate idol~~ Jung Eunji Fighting!!

One of my absolute favorite kpop idols and celeberties and is so down to earth and talanted and perfect. Hope she will have a drama where she is the main lead soon. Intelligent, diversely talented, genuinely kind-hearted & true to who she really is & boy can she eat & she knows how to chop chicken as well. An amazingly very beautiful person inside and outside. She smiles at her surrounding, smile at people and greeting them even if they don't smile or return her greeting. fighting Unnie sassy go go...unnie you do your best. :) I have viewed her on You Tube and what touches me the most is how she love her family .. ^^ :) : D It's too early to tell if she has what it takes to be a great actress. You know exactly where and when she should use what tone, what gestures, which facial expressions, I don't believe that you're a new actress. if u feel that way towards her acting in TWTWB, then she must be good in acting because that is what the director and Eun-Ji herself wants us to feel. She actually presented Hee Sun's expressions very well. I don't like people who write crappy stuff about other people's works, there is ALWAYS something good in all of them.

You're my "unnie" only by a few months but I adore you and believe in you.

Eunji, if you're reading this, you will be perfect for the role.

Cheon Joon-Ki (Lee Yi-Kyung) wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become an actor, but he is now just a minor actor. The actors had good chemistry and rapport with each other. The other is dropping the bomb of Sol's father coming into the picture at the very last episode. I felt like he should've been introduced at least midpoint of the drama, not the last episode. hope you continue to make this kind of drama which everyone in the world can relate. If you need a break and a gut aching laugh to cheer you up just binge watch this show - seriously the writing and acting is just mint!

I really hope she'd have a drama this year where she is the main lead. It won't happen, but I just hope :( I hope you'll comeback with an even stronger character and drama this year: D i enjoyed all of the dramas that you played especially Reply 1997&Cheer Up and i can definitely say you are one of the best actresses i've ever seen on-screen. currently watching TWTB, saw her, and was wondering who she was. anyway, i havent seen any of her other dramas, but i she definitely suits characters that has a bit rough but actually soft personality just like on TWTB .

although I know she's busy because she's a DJ now and will be having a solo concert again. Please continue to be an inspiration to your fans around the world. :'( I hope that 2019 will be the best year for all apink members.u all the best eunji unnie..i will always supporting you.. There is Man Living in Our House that Seungho is considering the main lead role in; imagining Eunji to take the main lead girl makes me go crazy. i really dont know how your mind works but if you do want to write hate messages, go away and write it in your diary or something.

she beautiful in her own way, multi talented, cheerful, easygoing, always smile. You are so adorable and low profile, i love your cute smile and your friendliness. Saranghae uri eunji yaaa Please do CHAEBOL'S DAUGHTER!

Hoping all the best and amazing things for my bb girl ❤❤❤ Eunji yeppeota. And please do have a drama with Kang Minhyuk (CNblue) i ship you guys. Please somebody read this and make a drama for them!

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Hope to see you soon in a drama again when you're not that busy ? I also find you humble; I'm sure you will go a very long way in the entertainment industry. ♡ Hope that she will return to the smll screen as the main lead ASAP..i miss her acting a lot... I hope that she will act with Yoo Seungho in a drama. is not even finished airing but I would really love to watch you in another drama ASAP :) I will be praying for another project. thanks to my friend who is an addict for Korean dramas.. if you dont like her acting or even just herself, then why are you even on this website.