Dating violence prevention programs schools topamax expiration dating

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Dating violence prevention programs schools

Public schools with grades 5 to 12 are eligible to apply.It is required that at least one grantee be a school located within a municipality with a population of 25,000 or less.

It was the subject of substantial formative research in fourteen public schools in North Carolina using a rigorous experimental design.

The Department reserves the right to consider additional factors such as geographic distribution and the number of recipient schools per district, in making final award decisions.

The Department also reserves the right to fund to greater than 10 schools if funds remain due to applicants not requesting the maximum amount.

The program has been found to be equally effective for males and females and for whites and non-whites. Her etiological research has included identifying determinants, at multiple ecological levels, of violence between adolescent dating couples, adolescent cigarette smoking and alcohol use and adolescent sexual behavior. Stacey Langwick is an assistant professor at the University of Florida and holds a joint appointment with the Department of Anthropology and the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research. Session 1: Defining Caring Relationships: A bingo game and class discussions introduce students to the program.

She has a particular interest in testing biopsychosocial models of adolescent health risk behaviors, especially models examining the influence of interactions between biological factors such as genotypes and hormones and contextual variables on health risk behaviors. They evaluate how they would like to be treated in dating relationships.

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Eligibility for funding in years two and three will be based on meeting grant requirements and submission of year-end report and continuation grant application.