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At the same time, if she turns you down you should be fine with that.Sure, it’s not what you dreamed of, but at the same time - being needy and having her decision affect your self-worth is unsexy.Even if you never use force, they know that you could.Even if you know you would never hurt her, you must help her feel safe.When it comes to safety from sexually transmitted infections (and unintended pregnancy), it’s also your business.A great reading is found below: He presents a very reasonable summary of practices and risks of infection (both in terms of probability and severity of consequences).Things related to consent are not only related to physical safety, but also emotional safety.

In short: If you’re sexually active, get tested regularly. Even if it is her conscious choice to take risks (rather than a lack of knowledge, or impaired judgement due to alcohol or buzzing hormones), don’t lower your own standards!

Have open conversations with your sexual partners about this stuff: “Have you been tested? It’s better to pass on an otherwise good opportunity than to be dealing with its consequences for life.

Confidence seems to as important to male attractiveness as beauty to female.

She has many legitimate concerns related to her safety: What really helps is if you know her through a network of friends, and there are people she trusts that can vouch for you.

When it comes to physical violence - almost all men are stronger than almost all women and women know that.

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Popular culture harms us not only with unreasonable visions of romance (see Disney Has Ruined Modern Romance), but it also spreads really bad examples: if they were totally not interested (I am not particularly muscular or threatening looking; I never dated a girl when I was her superior, etc).